At 22, Hampshire born Pianist and Composer Christian Smith already enjoys several credits to his name, including O2, and The Amsterdam Light Festival. With much of his career still ahead of him, this young composer has taken the DIY approach to promoting his music. Having amassed a large online following through music streaming site Soundcloud, he regularly charts alongside world famous composers in the Viral Piano Charts.

Born into a musical household, Christian took to the Piano at an early age, with composers Debussy, Chopin and Einaudi forming his earliest inspirations. It was his love of films and their soundtracks, however, that proved to be the greatest driver in his musical progression. His style of composition is cinematic. He regularly composes music for short Films, his latest being ‘Son of Perdition’, which stars Alex Macqueen (In The Thick Of It), Jayne Wisener (Sweeney Todd and The Inbetweeners) and Steven Hartley (Silent Witness).